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Our love of beer festival organising was with our first one in 2010 for Guildford Cricket Club. A modest fundraising event we were contracted to organise for the club. With three sessions of 500 guests per session on the first event. Now attracting over 1,500 per each session, with last year 4,500, with great live music tent, great catering and other attractions, it's now the second largest public event in the town after the County Show.


Our role at Guildford Beer Festival from it's concept till today, is still the same, to; procure all the beer from local breweries, run the operational side, supply some staff and manage all volunteer and paid staff and ensure it runs smoothly and to plan.

Guildford Beer Festival


Building on our experience from Guildford Beer Festival and other festivals, we feel very  confident in the services and expertise we can offer. From the management to all the equipment we can offer to support the event, which includes:


cask stillages  |  cask cooling probes & jackets  |  keg draught systems  |  counters & bars


So for more details and a full range of equipment and prices, please click on the link at the bottom of this webpage for more details.

Beer Festivals Services

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