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After many years of running successful events for other organisation, we have decided to run our own events. The first of which was a successful wine experience in Guildford  in Feb 2016.


This event attracted hundred of people to the event with over 120 wines and spelking wines to choose from, live background music, cheese tasting, great food options, fun blind wine tasting challegne, photo booth and walkabout acts.


On the strength of this event we are now teaming up with others (details to follow soon) to run a wine event again in Guildford, along with Farnham, Haslemere and Dorking. Click on the link below for more details and there drinks festival website.

Drinks Festivals

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As mentioned due to the success of the Guildford Wine Experience, we are taking the model on and growing it.  


The model will still have the same basics as before, a great selection of wines, live background music, support a local charity, walkabout act and other attractions. All taking place in beautiful and interesting venues and great central locations. We are currently looking at eventually looking at a number of locations to house these events.


To discover more and keep updated on our progress, follow our social media pages below or click on the partner website below.

The drinks festival, going forward

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